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Awareness is the first step in healing. 


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Private & Confidential
Individual, Family, CYP Therapy available.
A short walk from public transport
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About Me

The WellBee’ing Lodge

The WellBee’ng Lodge is located in Abbey wood South East London SE2.

I am a Professionally Qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor.

I am an Accredited Professional member of the National Counselling Society. This should assure you that I work safely, professionally and ethically.

I provide a friendly and understanding environment for children, individuals, couples and families.

I will offer you a safe space both physically and psychologically to explore your emotional struggles. Working together at your own pace, we will work through your worries, anxieties, trauma, bereavement and losses. 

i have a Well’Beeing Garden Lodge, this is my new log cabin situated in my garden. It’s cosy, warm , clean safe space. I love my new garden space and I’m sure you will too. 

I believe we all have our answers within but sometimes we need a little help from someone that isn’t emotionally involved. I will offer a listening ear, not being judgemental and working with your best interests at heart, exploring and working through your emotional struggles

 I offer you a safe, warm , homely and non intrusive setting.This is the space I can offer you where you can explore and work through your emotional difficulties.

I want to ensure, at all times, that my clients feel safe in order to truly focus on yourself. 

What we offer at the WellBee’ing Lodge

The numerous advantages of counselling and therapy . It gives us a safe place where we explore our emotional difficulties or life struggles, Therapy can be short or long term.; Tailored to your individuaul needs , offering different approaches and combining different theories. 


This theory looks at how your past , particularly your childhood impacts the present. From developmental stages and development of self to the defence mechanisms we deploy to block out psychological pain, Psychodynamic theory enables the exploration of deep-rooted causes. These undoubtably impact on the difficulties we face in later life and the methods we use to block this from our awareness.


This approach focusses on the here and now, specifically the relationship between therapist and client. It provides key features and core elements to create a therapeutic relationship free from judgement., Counselling gives you the space to process a trauma, bereavement, unresolved feelings and emotions that you can’t make any sense of, together we can explore and provide you a space to release your emotions.


This is favoured by the NHS, it’s looking at the future and how to move past current behavioural cycles and thought processes. Identifying the lenses we view information through and how this can form beliefs about life events


Hypnotherapy techniques will facilitate positive changes to your life.Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to try to treat conditions or change habits.There are different types of hypnotherapy and different ways of hypnotising someone, Firstly, you’ll have to discuss with your therapist, what you hope to achieve and agree what methods your would like to use. After this, the therapist will lead you into a deeply relaxed state and use your agreed methods to help you towards your goals.You will feel relaxed and refreshed. You are fully in control when under hypnosis and you do not have to take on the therapists suggestions if you do not want to.You can also bring yourself out of the hypnosis state.

Hypnosis DOES NOT work if you do not want to be hypnotised.

All sessions are recorded and you, will also receive a copy of the recording to take home with you.


NLP meaning is Neuro meaning nerve, refers to why we gather information from the outside world using our five senses- Linguistic is the study of language, referring to the way we make sense of said information y organising it into the structure of language. Programming is our way of controlling something , this refers to the way we interpret the world and how we control our daily actions, choices and behaviours.

NLP is considered to be one of the most useful and accessible tools to come from modern psychology and can assist with stress management, improving feelings of empathy, improving communication skills and resolving destructive relationship patterns

 As you can see we offer a variety of therapies because we are all different , one theory dies not shit all of us ! Therefore I have many theories in my ‘toolbox’ that I dip into.

Psychotherapy can offer a range of benefits and can often bring a sense of clarity to the mind and an improved sense of direction too. 

In the long term, a wellness plan can help you avoid a crisis by utilising counselling sessions to organise your thoughts and feelings.

My Facilities

My facilities provide a warm and welcoming environment for counselling and support. I have put a lot of thought into what it means to be a client and I have designed my facilities accordingly to feel safe and calming – I want you to feel comfortable as I help you through a difficult process. Rest assured, you're in good hands.

Affordable and Accessible Therapy.

Individual Therapy


Student & CYP Therapy


Couples Therapy




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27 Reviews

Shae Davies

18 September 2023

18 September


I came to Joanne, lost and directionless. From my first session with her I felt relief from the anxieties I had and a sense of hope that I could figure out my i...
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Harry Dicks

11 September 2023

11 September


I had previously sought counselling services from larger institutions like Mind and Oxleas, where I often felt like just another face in the crowd, lost within ...
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