The WellBee'ing Lodge

The WellBee’ing Lodge

The WellBee’ng Lodge is located in Abbey wood South East London SE2. 

The WellBee’ing Lodge is a safe and warm environment for children, individuals, couples and families. It is a safe space both physically and psychologically to explore your emotional ...

About Me !

Let me introduce myself!

From the young age of 17 , I began  my journey in the caring industry and that's where my passion for helping and supporting people began. My role model was my Grandmother, she was a qualified nurse. I remember she bought me  a ...

Change acceptance & live

Awareness is the first step in healing. 


Dee Grant
Joanne is the first counsellor I’ve ever had and really changed my perspective on counselling. She provided a safe space for me to explore issues...  Read more
Jan 14, 2024
Natalie Detnon
I would highly recommend going to The WellBee'ing Lodge to anyone in need of couples therapy. Mike has made both me and my husband feel so welcome...  Read more
Dec 11, 2023

Therapy Prices

Therapy Prices

Therapy Prices

Individual therapy is 1 hour 
This includes Children,, People in Full time Education Counselling Students.
Relationship therapy is 1.5 hours 
We also provide a lower concessionary fee, this is based on individual circumstances. 
Sometimes we may need crisis support; In this instance we can offer a same day appointment subject to availability.


Wifi on the premises
By appointment only
Private & Confidential
Individual, Family, CYP Therapy available.
A short walk from public transport
Street Parking available
Free initial phone call to discuss your therapy options
You can choose the therapy that you would like